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01 - Ligury

Extra First Fruit


Unfiltered oil to maintain its natural wealth of natural antioxidants. Cold obtained from 100% Italian olives


Monocultivar Taggiasca. Its aroma is light of fruit and a delicately unripe fruity,sweet almond, slightly bitter and chili Perfect on first courses, meat, vegetables and fish


Wide range of exciting and original flavored oils, ready to support any dish. A simple recipe is quickly transformed into a delicious, tantalizing success


It is a high quality oil with good structure, with a bright green color with golden reflections, a clear scent of oliveand a soft aftertaste on the palate, recommended for elaborate dishes and simple recipes. Excellent for use rawas a dressing for salads and cooked vegetables, bruschettaand crudités. Fantastic for fish dishes

01 - Ligury

Extra Must


Unfiltered oil to maintain its natural richness of antioxidants, obtained from 100% Italian olives

01 - Ligury

Extra Filtered


Cold obtained from 100% Italian olives, picked at the right degree of ripeness

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Dressing made with extra virgin olive oil flavored with lemon


This organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of the careful controlling of the raw materials and also of the careful selection of oils taken from blends or typical cultivars. Lightly veiled greencolor, smooth, balanced flavor, intense aroma, sweet and delicate on the palate


An extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo, produced in the areas of Loreto Aprutino and Città Sant'Angelo. It is a blend of Leccino, Dritta and Intosso cultivars, typical of the area The elegant and balanced taste makes it perfect for vegetable plates, soups, seafood salads.

04 - Sardinia

Tonda di Cagliari


Extra Virgin monocultivar Tonda di Cagliari, typical of southern Sardinia. To the palate it is bitter, spicy with hints of fresh fruit and cooked vegetables. Extraordinary in combination with a typical Sardinian dish, fregula, with mushrooms and wild herbs


Blend of Moresca, Biancolilla, Nocellara, Cerasuola, Tonda Iblea. balanced smellwith notes of artichoke, medium-bodied flavour, with a bitter and spicy well balanced note and hints of artichoke and oregano. Great on marinated fish, mushrooms, salads, soupsand delicate grilled red meth, good for cookingevery recipe of Mediterranean cuisine

01 - Ligury

Flavored Oils


Orange, Lemon, Chili, Truffle, Basil, Ginger flavored oils

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