High quality olive oil, finally, owns up his special portal: Olio.org.

We can propose high quality oil for connoisseurs and Mediterranean diet lovers because we select the best producers in each Italian region.

Oil.org promotes only Italian excellence extra virgin olive oil. Not only for connoisseurs, Italian olive oils not mixed with foreign ones represent a product that intends to appeal to newbies who want to experience taste and quality. Extravirgin olive oil obtained only from one variety of olives is called Monocultivar.

On Olio.org you can choose the best ones thanks to cold mill up means that allows to maintain intact both taste and fragrance. Alternatively, is available an offer of extraordinarily high quality Blends, duly selected and processed, to preserve balance and harmony among the different notes of each category of olives.


Extra virgin olive oil, for its beneficial virtues, its taste and fragrance is the best choice when it comes to seasoning. Evo oil (acronym for extra virgin olive oil) becomes a youth elixir when used in a correct diet and it is beneficial for you, but only if processed and bottled at the right time.

It contributes reducing the risk of cardiovascular and tumor diseases. This pure olive oil uses traces back to ancient times and, since then, it is a dietary staple fat in the Mediterranean diet.

Clinical and epidemiological tests highlighted, several times, that among all food fats it offers some powerful health benefits.

The most suitable to human consumption because extracted without using chemical additives, as is the case for other kind of vegetables oils.

Extra olive oil is “only” a juice of olives that, thanks to this method, keeps intact all the beneficial properties and precious substances of the raw material.

Olive oil extra virgin, in fact, must taste of fruity ripe olives or green.

Fruity olive oil is the only descriptor that must be present to classify an oil.


On Olio.org all listed items are high quality, respect the above-mentioned characteristics, and not just. Companies pay the utmost attention to all stages of production. Distance between plants in the olive grove, age, pruning, good agronomic practice aim to achieve the best quality of olives. To the harvest, always and only at the right level of ripeness, with techniques that differ according to varieties of cultivars.

The storage of the olives requires special care and must take as little time as possible before pressing. As transport to the oil mill in suitable containers until the extraction of the evo oil and its bottling.